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How Will You Know Them?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Me, pointing out the mob to Jefferson

When I’m sitting beside the fireplace in my old age and telling my grandchildren about being a millennial, the narrative around which I will frame the stories of the 20’s will not be about monsters, armies, and invaders.

It will be about the blindness of the human condition, and how no part of human nature has ever, or ever will, be changed.

When my grandchildren ask what happened, I won’t point outside to some far away monster. I will tap them on their chest and tell them that the seed for such things lies within the heart of every human being, and how the failure of my generation was to assume that we were “special.”

I will tell them about my generation’s rabid attempts to disinvent morality, and how after we young fools declared ourselves successful, we proceeded to write ourselves a blank check for every vice under the sun. Which was okay, because now that we’d said that evil didn’t exist, we could never be guilty of committing it.

I will tell my grandchildren how we acted as though the 20th century had served to inoculate us from ever being able to commit such atrocities ourselves, and how it was, that that very hubris led to what would eventually come to be known as “The Second Holocaust.”

Of course this hasn’t happened yet, and while I pray it won’t, it would seem that the momentum of our culture is in the process of carrying us past the point of no return.

I don’t know if there is time to reverse the trend and break the grip of hate, but if there is any hope of it happening, it lies in our realization of what we’re doing wrong.

And what we are doing wrong, is murdering scapegoats.

When “justice” demands the merciless beat-down of random shopkeepers, passers-by, and elderly couples trying to cross the street, then the enemy you’ve chosen to fight, is the wrong one.

The truth is, we have proven ourselves throughout history, to be all too eager to stab our fellow man in the back because of the shadow cast upon him. It is one of the most common and vicious tendencies of human nature to claim “victim,” while crushing the innocent beneath our boots.

We did it in Russia from 1917 until the 90s. We did it to the Jews in the 30s and 40s, we did it to the aristocrats in France with a guillotine, and we did it in 33AD with a cross.

If you can’t see that we’re doing it again today, then my empty eye socket has more vision than both your eyes put together.

But it makes sense. In an age so completely ignorant of substance, shapes are equivalent to bodies, and shadows are built, by the imagination, into titans of terror. So as we hack our knives into the unsuspecting shapes beneath the shadows, the wretch of malice plays his fingers across the light and laughs the same mirthless cackle he’s been laughing since the dawn of time.

You’d think humanity would tire of the game, but if there is one unchanging fact of life, it is the immutable nature of human beings. We fall for the same nonsense from age to age, convinced by the enemy’s newest costume that THIS particular thing in front of us has never been seen before.

So please, I beg of you, hold back your blows.

Don’t worry, your sword will indeed be called upon, but before you draw, you should make sure to face the enemy. Bear in mind, of course, that it is a point of proper humor that the monsters of today will be indistinguishable from the monsters of before in everything but dress. And we will be fooled, because we’ve trained ourselves to see no deeper than the skin.

First-principles have become a foreign concept to us.

Perhaps it is because we’ve lost interest in things that require work, or perhaps it’s because we’ve lost the stomach for that uncomfortable but inevitable element of growth, called suffering. Regardless, we’ve conditioned ourselves and our offspring to assume the most immediate interpretation of everything around us. The myriad complexities of any given situation are blended into an indiscernible mash of emotion before being shat back out as simple, easily-digested labels.

“Racist, Bigot, Homophobe.”

And then, both as easily and as inaccurately as we over-simplify in the negative, we repeat the process in the opposite direction.

“Social justice. Diversity. Tolerance. Anti-fascist.”

The interesting point is that while the negatives suffer a frequent inaccuracy, the positives are almost exclusively not just inaccurate, but the direct inverse of reality. There is nothing “just” about looting, raping, and pillaging. The “diversity” of the uber-woke has somehow led to the reinstatement of segregation, and it is precisely the “tolerance” of the social justice warriors that prevents them having the capacity to permit the practice of religious beliefs. Unless, of course, that religion is Leftism.

And of course, the Anti-fascist. They are the very thing they purport to hate. No other group of people, in the history of the United States, has ever been as effective at implementing the practices of Nazi Germany right here in our own American streets. They’re so egregiously antithetical to their own mission statement, that if they weren’t as categorically violent as they tend to be, they would be laughed at for the clowns they are.

But the Antifa goons are not the monsters, either. They are the simpy tools that are being wielded by the real enemies of Truth and freedom. You can tell this by the fact that they wear a uniform. Granted, their black-ish clothes and masks are a pitiful sort of costume, uniform only in their attempt to express the desire of conformance, but they’re a uniform nonetheless. At the end of the day, there is a degree of order to how they look. And since order enables identity (if not behind the mask, at least above it), they are but the pawns of the true enemy.

No, the monster of today has turned the costume of yesterday inside-out. In Nazi Germany, the costume was order, cleanliness, and function. Then, like today, the same evil used this disguise as a cover to drive a genocidal agenda across the entire globe, in a bid for world domination. And they would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids. By whom, of course, I mean the Allied forces of Western civilization. I leave Russia and China out of this, because after the Nazis were defeated, they just turned around and did the same thing, only more effectively and with a much higher body count.

So if the costume of Evil in the twentieth century was order, what is the costume of Evil today?

That’s easy- we see it every day, paraded in front of us like the virtue it pretends to be. It is betrayed, however, by what it shares in common with the ethos of Nazi Germany, and that is the absolute nature of its mandate. This particular mandate is for “equality” and “tolerance,” and while the burning wreckage of the homes and businesses of the very people they claim to be helping are a testament to the hypocrisy of those “protesting brutality,” in the end, it doesn’t really matter how they would rationalize their violence. Whatever a mob screams at the people they’re lynching, their actions tell you everything you need to know about the principles that guide them.

So as comical as it is that these rioters claim the virtue of their cause and that they are on “right side of history,” it does not, at the end of the day, really matter what their slogans are whether they are screaming for justice or the blood of infants (which, by the intimacy of their affairs with Planned Parenthood, none of them seem to have a problem supporting). Because true virtue is the opposite of absolutism. Virtue is defined by balance- it lies between the extremes. Jumping from one extreme to the opposite does not achieve virtue.

One does not correct for gluttony by adopting anorexia. Or in this case, vis-a-versa. “Virtue is in the mean.” And today’s monster is anything but balanced. Balance, when applied to policy and enforcement changes, would involve cooperation and the opportunity to implement whatever changes were made. There would be cooperation, because all parties involved would recognize that however the chips fell at the end of the day, we would all continue to live and work with one another. But that’s not what’s happening. What’s happening right now is a sustained effort to completely dismantle the country, after an immediate and belligerent reaction before justice ever had a chance of being achieved.

We need to be clear on this- there is no benefit from attempting to appease the mob with rigged trials, fear-driven acquittals and boot-licking virtue-signals. They are not interested in justice, and will not be satisfied with reform. They want to abolish the entire system. They want to dismantle the country as a whole. For heaven’s sake- they’re tearing down the monuments.

In the past, Evil sold itself on order, cleanliness, and function, because that was the easy sell. Not to discredit the Germanic culture of efficiency, but in the poverty and chaos of a country wrecked by the economic injustices of its victorious enemies after WW1, it becomes easy to value things that work. Even throughout the rest of the world, one could not help but recognize that freedom and sovereignty of the individual inevitably produce at least the inconvenience of unpredictability.

For the same reason that order sold before, its opposite must be sold today. Nowhere in the history of humanity, much less throughout the rest of the world, has there ever been a nation as just, as balanced, and as equal in opportunity as the United States.

It’s ironic that the most hateful enemies of this country are by-and-large made up of people who’ve never been outside these borders. There are millions of immigrants who can outline for these ignorant turncoats why it is that the Unites States, despite her historical failures, still stands at a bastion of freedom and opportunity throughout the rest of the world. And that is not an accident. It is a product of the ethos and philosophy with which the founders of this country wrote its constitution.

You can argue quite accurately that this constitution was for many years not equally applied, but you cannot argue that a better one has ever been proposed, much less implemented. It was the very values and explicit language of this country’s constitution that gave birth to the civil rights movement of the twentieth century. Without the words that the forefathers wrote into the constitution (the same forefathers whose statues are being wrecked), abolitionists and civil rights activists would not have been able to hold their country accountable for the character that it claimed to be.

So since justice and equality of opportunity are built into the order and structure of this country, those are now the very things which must be vilified by the enemy. When virtue is paired with order, order must be destroyed.

That is why the new costume of choice for the old Evil, is anything and everything that is disordered. And the more backwards and ugly it is, the more it will be celebrated as righteous, true, and beautiful. Think of drag-queen story-time in our public libraries.

In keeping with its age-old tactics, Evil asserts itself through the inversion of Truth.

Ugly becomes “beautiful,” in everything from art and architecture to body weight and selfishness. Bad becomes “good,” as good is defined by impulsive desire. And the dysfunctional becomes “functional,” as the latter loses all meaning and capacity in marriage, sex, relationship, dress, and form. Racism becomes “anti-racist” as entire demographics of people are berated for the color of their skin.

It is the most cliché of ironies, to become one’s parents. And yet, as a generation, we have become the ones before us. Decrying fascism, we have given rise to it. Condemning genocide, we are on the brink of committing one.

The age-old evil today, does the same things as before, but wears its old costume of order, turned inside-out. That is the costume of disorder, chaos, and filth. You will find it marching beneath the banner of all things opposing Truth. It is the banner that rejects the science of biology. It is the banner that rejects the value of human life. It is the banner that seeks to “dismantle” the very building block of society, the family. Those who march beneath it will call you a killer as they throw a brick at your face, and “Nazi!” as they light Jews on fire. Already they are screaming “fascist” in the face of anyone who dares disagree with them.

Make no mistake, the goal of evil today is the same goal of evil in every age before us: death. This evil is indiscriminate in its aims and will use whatever means necessary to achieve its end, including the misguided rationalizations of “useful idiots.” The old evil wears its new costume of corruption, filth, and dysfunction as it runs around trying to call everyone else those very things. Its banner is black and white and rainbow. Ironically, it sports the same icon as the same genocidal tyrants before it, with a raised fist to the sky, and it rallies behind a cry as true as the inversion of which it practices. So while Planned Parenthood continues to slaughter generation upon generation of those whom they claim to support, they ignore the bloodbath and accuse others of not recognizing the truest thing they’ve ever said:

Black Lives Matter.

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